Brand Spotlight: Our Partner in Quality Custom Furniture

Hickory Chair Quincy Collection Furniture

Brand Spotlight: Our Partner in Quality Custom Furniture

At MMID we pride ourselves on partnering with leading manufacturers to ensure that our clients’ unique vision comes to life. Lucky for us, a few of our favorite brands have set the bar when it comes to crafting quality furniture. This week, we’re recognizing the quality, customization, and service of Hickory Chair, a North Carolina based manufacturer of handcrafted, custom furniture.

Hickory Chair Custom Chairs

Photos courtesy of Hickory Chair

Quality – Made to Last

Quality is our priority when selecting the right piece for our clients. At Hickory Chair each piece is handmade, travels through multiple stations and is always carefully inspected throughout every step of the process. If a piece does not meet quality standards, it is sent back to its last visited station to right the wrong. Last March, our team attended Hickory Chair University and experienced this attention to detail first-hand.

Hickory Chair Quality Custom Furniture

Photo courtesy of Hickory Chair

Custom – Made to Order

When a client’s request exceeds what we can find in an in-stock collection, we turn to our partners at Hickory Chair. The brand’s line of timeless classic furniture is customizable to fit just about any style using a variety of finishes, stains, fabrics, trims, and hardware.

Looking for a piece to fit within a tight or oversized space, the Made to Measure Collection is crafted to specified dimensions.

Hickory Chair Made to Measure

Photo courtesy of Hickory Chair

Thinking of something a bit more unique and personal? Together, we can create your next family heirloom by collaborating with Hickory Chair’s Artists Studio. Here, the talented artists hand paint the case pieces with anything from a monogram, to an artistic motif or custom faux finish.

Hickory Chair Artist Studio

Photo courtesy of Hickory Chair


From large upholstery to small case goods and everything in between, Hickory Chair offers a piece for every room of the home. Made to order, made to last and all in a timely fashion directly from their manufacturing warehouse in Hickory, NC. 

Hickory Chair Custom Furniture

Photos courtesy of Hickory Chair

The Hickory Chair team works as a family with each department supporting and encouraging the other in order to produce the finest in quality custom furniture. Working with their design partners in much the same way. That is one of the reasons why we’re one of their biggest fans today. Whenever we have a question on how to best customize a piece or check in on our order before installation day, we know the team is one call away. The experience that Hickory Chair provides is one of an elite partner and a good friend.

What did you think of this brand spotlight on Hickory Chair? We thank you for reading and hope you’ll share your thoughts below. If you are interested in seeing how we can create your dream home or design your next family heirloom, please schedule an introductory call with our team to get started.


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